New Jersey Private Classes

Captain Jack and his staff offer private Captains License and New Jersey Boating Safety Certifcate Courses in your home or office! Weekends, Weekdays or nights, all year long. Oh... BTW IT's more fun this way!


The home or office must offer a comfortable class room setting. Two weeks notice is needed to book a class. Spring and summer bookings may be difficult please plan ahead! 
Boating Safrety Courses 
 Minimum class charge is $400.00 and includes up to 6 students. Additional students are $65.00 each. You must agree to allow the NJ State Police access to the classroom during the scheduled class times. One day classes are 8 1/2  hours  (1/2 hour for lunch) and multiple day classes can be scheduled in two consecutive nights of 4 hours each night or a night in between dates; 3 1/2 hours a night and 1 hour of homework on the off night. Deposits are required and none refundable.

We also offer private  First Aid CPR AED classes... call for details  

Call for details Captain Jack 908-285-4039 or E mail me at

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